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about the name

My first time abroad was to Rome, Italy as a study abroad student. A friend of mine didn’t think that “Megan” was Italian enough, so to make me a bit more authentic he dubbed me “Megano” (and sang that to the tune “Figaro,” probably best known from Tom & Jerry). Since then, it’s stuck and many of my friends actually call me “Megano” rather than “Megan.” When it came time to start this blog, I thought it just seemed fitting to use my “Italian” name. Thus, Meganotravels was born.


“My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

Most of my family members would probably tell you that I was born with gypsy blood.

I love travel. Every aspect of it—yes, even the planning, the airports, and the planes.

As a child, my family didn’t travel much—the yearly summer trip from our house in the small town of Red Lion, Pennsylvania to Cape May, New Jersey, and the occasional trip to the Smoky Mountains or beaches of Florida. My siblings and I always got excited about the trips though—we’d wake up before the sun was up, pile into the station wagon with our pillows, and when the sun came up, we’d pop in the same Beach Boys “Still Cruisin’” cassette tape, year in and year out. It was the best.

When I got my driver’s license, I started venturing out a bit more on my own—Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore. I took high school trips to NYC and Boston, and vacations to visit family in Phoenix.

Sometime during college, I became addicted to travel. At first it was all domestic—up and down the east coast, Las Vegas and Phoenix, a cross-country road trip. Then, everything changed when I took my first international trip to study abroad in Rome. Since then, I’ve tried my hardest to see at least one new country a year, and have (almost) succeeded.

In August of 2013, I decided to take a career break and travel. After 6.5 years in Austin, Texas, I put all my belongings in storage, packed up my car with everything I’d need for a few months and took a road trip to Pennsylvania to hand over my dog (Lord Oliver Roast Beef) to my sister while I gallivanted around the globe full-time for several months. When I returned, I decided to stick around Pennsylvania for a while—securing a contract position that saw me through until December of 2014. In January of 2015, I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, for work. After almost 3 years there, once again, I made a move, this time to the other music city—Nashville, Tennesee.

I work full-time as a consultant for one of the top-4 global firms. It takes a lot out of me. I travel weekly for this job. Surprisingly, Ifriends haven’t yet tired of the travel (especially the takeoffs!). In addition to that, I run a non-profit to send children to school in India. As if those two things weren’t a lot, I also have a dog, a family, a boyfriend, and a social life. In between all of these things, I squeeze in some travel. 

So now that you know a bit more about me and how I fell into this whole travel thing, what will you find on this blog?

As Meredith Brooks once put it, “I’m a little bit of everything, all rolled into one.” You’ll find stories, travel tips, some personal stuff, a few of those top-number posts, and more. I’m a sort of niche-less blogger, but I tick a few of the following boxes:

  • Solo female travel
  • Plus size traveler
  • Full-time job/part-time traveler
  • Wanna-be political commentator (I lean way to the left)
  • Photography enthusiast
  • 90s pop culture referencer (mostly the bad stuff)
  • Non-profit/volunteer travel

I started this blog in 2012, so there’s loads of content to check out and I have a lot more to come. I hope you’ll stick around and read and get to know me a bit better. I love interacting with readers, so please reach out to me via email or on any of my social media channels (I’m most active on Instagram though!).

Please note that, unless otherwise stated, all writings and photos are copyrighted and property of Meganotravels.com and Megan Allene Smith. Please do not use them without my permission. I am open to sharing, so please just ask!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. WOAH.
    came across your blog while researching travel tips for my up-coming 31 day back packing trip through Europe and saw you mentioned Millersville University!

    I grew up in PA too and graduated from MU in 2011. Since then I’ve done multiple cross country-ish road trips and lived in South Korea teaching english for a year.
    I also saw you moved from PA to TX for a while… I’M LIVING IN TEXAS RIGHT NOW TOO (fort worth).

    Anyway I thought all of our similarities were enough to send ya a message, say “hi”… HI! and i look forward to reading more of your blog soon!!

    • Thanks for saying hi, Jaime! I hope my blog helps you out and that you have a great time on your backpacking trip around Europe! Enjoy every single minute! :)

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