Meganotravels is a growing travel site highlighting international travel (to all corners of the world), photography, music, fashion, and more.

Launched in April 2012, the site features a variety of travel-related content, including stories, photos and videos, tips and tricks, destination-specific guides, and reviews. Several posts are made weekly and always focus on quality.

Meganotravels is open to working with brands, doing freelance writing, guests posts, and more.


Meganotravels has a variety of advertising options available:

  • Text Links
  • Banner Ads
  • Widgets
  • Social Media Coverage

Rates are reasonably priced; please contact for more information, or to discuss rates.

Press Trips/Partnerships

Meganotravels would be honored to be considered for invitation on press trips to any corner of the world. If you are looking for an adventurous, well-connected, discerning traveler to review a destination or event and provide first-rate content through writing, photography, video and more, Megan would love to hear from you.

While traditional forms of media might take weeks or even months to publish a piece about your travel destination or service, travel bloggers can provide instant promotion via their sites, Twitter, and Facebook. As Megan and her fellow bloggers demonstrate daily, they are currently the vanguard of modern travel writing. If you are looking to quickly and effectively spread information about your travel destination or service, allow Megan the opportunity to prove her effectiveness in this area and you will not be disappointed.

Sponsored Reviews/Posts

A partnership with Meganotravels is an excellent and effective way to promote your business! Megan offers paid sponsorship of blog posts (written by her, not others) for the following:

  • Hotels and Hostels
  • Museums
  • Adventure Activities
  • Classes
  • Tours
  • Restaurants
  • Travel Products
  • and more!

She will publish a review of her experience and promote it on Meganotravels as well as on various social media sites.

All sponsored content will include a disclaimer that the post is sponsored and that all opinions are Megan’s. The post will also include a description of your company and a link to your website.

Guest Posts

Megan is accepting any travel-related guests posts that may be of interest to her readers: destination-specific, museum write-ups, budgeting tips, planning tips, etc. For more information, please contact her at megan{at}meganotravels{dot}com.


Megan is always looking for new places to write about or photograph. If you’re in the travel industry or work for a publication and would like to contact her regarding new opportunities, you can reach her at:  megan{at}meganotravels{dot}com.