Favorite Travel Photos (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Part 1! Today we’re visiting Morocco, Austria, Czech Republic, Honduras, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

fes morocco

Fes, Morocco

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Photo Friday: Innsbruck

innsbruck austria

Last year I went on a road trip through Europe with a friend, making stops in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Czech Republic. While I enjoyed each country in its own special way, I really liked Austria, and especially Innsbruck. As soon as we parked the car and began our walk to the old part of the city, I found myself struck by its beauty–the bright facades of the buildings and the snow-covered Alps as the backdrop. I took a ton of photos in Innsbruck, but this one has always stood out as one of my favorites. I love  the blurred movement of the bus as it passes down the street and how still and calm everything else appears–even the sole figure waiting to cross the street as the bus whizzes by.

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Snowy Salzburg


The drive to Salzburg from Milan was a treacherous one–the snow was coming down so hard and laying on the road, which made the journey almost two times as long. By the time we finally arrived in Salzburg, it was close to 2am. Honestly, it didn’t matter though–as soon as I saw the undisturbed blanket of snow on the ground and the thick flakes coating the tree branches, I felt an instant warmth and joy. After checking into the hotel, and taking a quick hot shower, I just wanted to stare out the windows at the still-falling snow casting the perfect silence over the city. There’s something so beautiful and comforting about seeing snow fall in the middle of the night when you’re supposed to be sleeping. It’s like you’re seeing something you’re not supposed to. It’s only meant to greet you in the morning. And greet me in the morning it did!

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Foodie Friday: Austrian Apfelstrudel


This week’s Foodie Friday features apfelstrudel. You absolutely cannot go to Austria without eating apfelstrudel–a delicious concoction of flaky dough, apples, cinnamon and sugar, and served with a side of vanilla ice cream (or custard or sauce).

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Innsbruck’s Old Town


Innsbruck is too cute for words. It’s one of those towns that I just want to hug. Next to Prague, Innsbruck was the place I was most looking forward to seeing, mostly to see the Altstadt (Old Town).

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Foodie Friday: Sachertorte

When I was in Austria, there were two desserts I was dead-set on trying: Sachertorte and Salzburger Nockerl. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the latter because I thought the restaurant in which I was dining was closing and the nockerl takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare. (After I ordered apfelstrudel, in came a huge group of people, which left me feeling deflated for not having ordered the nockerl. But oh well, another excuse to head back to Austria, right?)


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European Road Trip Roundup

European Road Trip

I am home from my first-official European Road Trip, and I have to say, it was one of my favorite trips ever. Here are a few iPhone photo highlights from the journey.

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My First European Road Trip!

I have a lot of trips/plans in the works, but only one big trip confirmed so far. So I figured I’d let you in on that one for now.

In less than two weeks, I’m departing on a European road trip, starting and ending with Amsterdam. The itinerary is…

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Outdoor Adventures in Mayrhofen

I’ve known Justin for almost 10 years (that feels super long when it’s written down!). We met through my best friend when I was a freshman in college, and clicked due to a mutual love for music, art, and later travel. He’s gone to a lot of really awesome, adventurous, and beautiful places, so I can’t wait to have him guest post again in the future about his travels!

Justin Profile Picture

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