Favorite Travel Photos (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Part 1! Today we’re visiting Morocco, Austria, Czech Republic, Honduras, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

fes morocco

Fes, Morocco

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Foodie Friday: Choco Cafe, Prague

choco cafe prague czech republic hot chocolate

I spent a few weeks in London during the winter several years back and traveled with a friend from Brazil. This friend from Brazil had a strong addiction to hot chocolate, so everywhere we went, we had to stop first so he could get some. Naturally, that also meant that I had to indulge. That particular trip also saw me get hooked on the stuff–liquid, chocolate crack. Now when I travel (in the winter), it’s one of the things I most look forward to trying from various countries.

Before I headed to Prague for the Christmas Markets, I came across a tweet mentioning an entire cafe dedicated to hot chocolate in Prague. So this fairytale city, which captured my heart the previous time I was there, was just adding to the intrigue.

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Five Romantic Places You Shouldn’t Visit When You’re Single (And Bitter About It)

Let’s face it—sometimes being single can be a totally awesome thing. Like those times when you don’t feel like showering for two days or leaving your couch because you’re glued to a crappy crime show marathon on TV. Or, you know, like when you decide you want to quit your job, put everything you own in storage, and leave your “real” life behind for a while.

But then, after a few weeks of being totally alone, you realize that sometimes being single sucks a little bit. Especially when you’re in those horribly romantic places where everyone around you seems to be in those first few weeks of puppy love and they’re sucking face and you’re thinking, “Jesus, now I just want to go home and listen to James Blunt” (who my local radio DJs dubbed, “the music you want to slit your wrists to”).

slutty crisp


So, if you’re single and don’t want to be constantly barraged by those gross couples who are madly in love and want to show it to the world, don’t visit any of the following places. And, on the other hand, if you are one-half of those gross couples who are madly in love, maybe you should go to all these places.

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My Favorite 2013 Travel Moments


It’s almost the new year, and while I look forward to the adventures and self-discovery that 2014 will bring, I think it’s also a good time to reflect back on 2013. I can’t say that 2013 was an especially good year for me, all things considered. The first six or so months were some of the hardest I’ve experienced in my entire life, but when I finally put in my notice at work, boarded that plane to Europe, and started feeling like I was actually living, things began looking up. So, with that, here are some of my favorite moments from my travels this year!

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Mission Complete: Three Months of Full-Time Travel

Well, my first three months of travel are over! And as you read this, I am en route back to the States, where I will spend just over a month catching my breath, hopefully making some money, seeing my friends and family, and kissing the shit out of my dog. But don’t worry–I’ll also be furiously planning my next round of travels (and as I said, I have a few things in mind–just need to actually take the time to start booking a few things and look at logistics).


In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a rundown of the past few months–the places I’ve seen, quick highlights of the experiences, and little teasers for what you’ll soon see on my blog (because let’s face it–I’ve had a seriously difficult time keeping up with blogging as I’ve been traveling, and I have a lot of stuff yet to put out!).

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5 Things to See in the Czech Republic

Prague is on the bucket list of almost every traveler. Almost everyone falls in love with the City of Spires. I couldn’t understand it more. Prague is a city which bought me to tears, a city which fascinated me so much that I started to learn the language, graduated from Czech philology and became a translator. Sounds silly, right? I dedicated 5 years to Czech Studies. I spent one semester in Prague and one in Brno. I did two summer schools. I spent hours on the trains and buses wandering across the whole country. There is one lesson I learnt: Czech Republic is so much more than Prague. Trust me. Keep calm and spend your vacation there. Here are some of the true Czech gems. It was a trouble to choose just 5. I hope you discover even more hidden ones on your travels!

Karlštejn Castle and Velká Amerika

Karlštejn Castle and Velká Amerika

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Wintry Fairy Tale in Prague

Prague Praha Charles Bridge

Prague was the city I was most excited to visit on my European road trip. From the first time I saw photos of it, I knew it was bound to be a gorgeous real-life fairy tale of a city. And I couldn’t have been more right.

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European Road Trip Roundup

European Road Trip

I am home from my first-official European Road Trip, and I have to say, it was one of my favorite trips ever. Here are a few iPhone photo highlights from the journey.

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What to Wear in a Prague Winter Wonderland

what to wear in prague

I just returned from Prague and let me tell you–it was beyond cold. We’re talking not getting above about 26 F/-3 C during the day and about 11 F/-11 C at night. Add a bit of snow and wind to that, and it makes for a pretty miserable experience if you don’t pack and dress properly.

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My First European Road Trip!

I have a lot of trips/plans in the works, but only one big trip confirmed so far. So I figured I’d let you in on that one for now.

In less than two weeks, I’m departing on a European road trip, starting and ending with Amsterdam. The itinerary is…

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