Dream Destination: Spanish Road Trip

A few months ago, I watched the Bollywood Film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (or You Don’t Live Twice) for the first time and it inspired some serious wanderlust for a Spanish road trip. The culture (and dialect) varies in different regions throughout the country, which adds even more interest for me. I think I could spend quite a bit of time driving around Spain, trying to delve into all the different regions and discover something I love in each. Given that I don’t really have that kind of time right now, here are the top five places I’d see on a road trip through Spain!

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Dream Destination: Current Travel Wish List

My travel wish list seems to get longer with every passing day rather than shorter as one might expect. For every one experience or place that I might scratch off, I end up adding three or four more.

i haven't been everywhere but it's on my list

I have been lucky enough to experience and see some of the most amazing things in the world so far–from things like the World Cup and the Olympics to going on safari and seeing the Northern Lights–but somehow it never seems like enough. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll see that my obsession and love for travel knows no bounds as I am constantly adding new things to my boards.

As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, I am sometimes overwhelmed at the thought of how many places there are to see and how little time and money I have–will I ever have enough to see everything I want to see? No, probably not. In fact, I probably won’t even get to see or experience half of what I’d like to in my short lifetime. Given that, I sort of re-prioritize my wishlist every now and again, shoving some things to the top and pushing others to the bottom. But lately, it seems that my wish list isn’t really shifting–the things I really want to see and experience are serious desires and aren’t budging.

The problem I’ve faced is that, while I thoroughly enjoy solo travel, these are all destinations I want to experience with others. There are multiple reasons for this and vary by destination–some I am a bit scared to visit alone, some I think will be so spectacular that I can’t imagine not sharing them with someone else (much like my Northern Lights experience), and some are so unexplored that I feel like they’d just be easier to tackle in numbers.

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Dream Destination: Galata Mevlevihane (Mevlevi Lodge), Istanbul

Years ago I had my first viewing of the film Baraka, which features some of the most stunning footage of countries and cultures from all across the world that I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. One particular scene though, really struck a chord with me and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since.

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Dream Destination: Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

When I moved to Texas in 2007, I was fresh out of college and working a temporary receptionist job while looking for a “real” job. My days were long (in that they were boring), I was tied to my desk, and when the phones weren’t ringing I had nothing to do but surf the internet. Though I’d gone to school for English and art, my love for travel sparked an interest in international relations, and specifically concerning the Muslim world. I spent a lot of time at that job falling down Wikipedia rabbit holes reading about different countries, conflicts, etc., and contemplating a future (and grad school program) in that arena.

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Dream Destination: A Paris Do-Over

The Louvre at Night

This time last year I went to Paris for the first time. I’d dreamed about going to Paris for years–I imagined what it would look like, what it would sound like, how I’d practice my French, and wear Parisian-inspired dresses while traipsing around the arrondissements in search of the picture-perfect cafes.

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Dream Destination: The Philippines

Lately I’ve been on a Southeast Asia kick. I don’t know what it is–the gorgeous beaches, delicious food, cheap accommodation (cheap everything for that matter), the culture, the animals..


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Dream Destination: Patagonia

I just want to apologize ahead of time: I’m completely overwhelmed right now between working 40 hours a week, taking two classes for my master’s, working on a certification for work, and still trying to maintain a social life (in addition to running this blog!). I haven’t had much time to write lately between all of these things and my dad being in town this past weekend. And next week I’m off to Boston. Oh, I didn’t mention that before, did I? Well, I’m going to Boston for a few days and I’m beyond excited, but also stressed out about getting everything done before I step on that plane (because I don’t want to think about work/school/anything while I’m there). 

I’ll try to get back to the regular-type posts next week, but for now, how about a little travel inspiration?

Patagonia horses

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Dream Destination: Costa Rica

Costa Rica beach

It’s cold outside, and while I’ve grown to love the winter in some regards, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of tropical destinations while I’m curled up in a snuggie (don’t judge) on my couch with the space heater pointed directly on me.

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Dream Destination: Christmas in Europe

Religion aside, I love Christmas. I think perhaps what’s more is that I love the idea of Christmas and the traditions that come with it. I also find it fascinating that different countries and cultures have their own unique traditions:

In Iceland, they have 13 Yule Lads (their version of Santa Claus). Historically, they’ve been portrayed as mischievous, but more recently they’ve taken on a different role similar to the traditional Santa Claus — now, instead of stealing things from children, they leave gifts behind (even for the bad ones!).


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Dream Destination: Prague

Prague at Dusk


Has there ever been a place that just sort of kept popping up on your radar and that maybe you never really considered until about the 100th time it popped up?

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