Favorite Travel Photos (Part 3)

Today features the last installment of my favorite travel photos! Today we’re visiting Morocco, Iceland, Italy, France, England, South Africa, and Germany.

moroccan cat

Kitten on a bunch of wool in Morocco

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Mission Complete: Three Months of Full-Time Travel

Well, my first three months of travel are over! And as you read this, I am en route back to the States, where I will spend just over a month catching my breath, hopefully making some money, seeing my friends and family, and kissing the shit out of my dog. But don’t worry–I’ll also be furiously planning my next round of travels (and as I said, I have a few things in mind–just need to actually take the time to start booking a few things and look at logistics).


In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a rundown of the past few months–the places I’ve seen, quick highlights of the experiences, and little teasers for what you’ll soon see on my blog (because let’s face it–I’ve had a seriously difficult time keeping up with blogging as I’ve been traveling, and I have a lot of stuff yet to put out!).

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Foodie Friday: Profiterole

A woman pushes a cart of desserts and drinks down the aisle and stops at my seat. “Would you like something?” she asks in a broad Scottish accent. My eyes feast upon the entire cart of goodies before ultimately settling on a profiterole (creme puff) with a cuppa tea and a glass of white wine.

profiterole creme puff

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Foodie Friday: Royal Ascot Dessert Tray

royal ascot dessert tray

A couple of years ago, I joined my boyfriend at the time on his family vacation to England and South Africa. His parents are big horse race enthusiasts and so it seemed only fitting that we attend the Royal Ascot while in England. We were seated in the Sandringham Restaurant (right by the Royal Enclosure where the Queen was) and were treated to such delights as cocktails, tea sandwiches, fabulous entrees, cheese trays, and more. It’s that “and more” part that was so amazing–this dessert tray.

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Dream Hotel: Stoke Park

Stoke Park

Stoke Park is a luxury 5-star hotel surrounded by 350 acres of parks, lakes, and manicured gardens. If you’ve ever seen Bridget Jones’s Diary, you’ll recognize this hotel as the one that Bridget and Daniel stayed at during their “this must mean true love” mini-break. It’s been featured in a number of other movies as well, including James Bond’s Goldfinger and Tomorrow Never Dies, and Layer Cake.

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Photos: London at Night

London at night is gorgeous. I couldn’t wait to take photos of it this time around, having only taken daytime photos the last few times I’ve been. I had a great time taking these, and really want to go back in the wintertime to get a different look and feel for nighttime photos in London.

London Skyline at Night

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Photos: John Rylands Library in Manchester

I have a thing for libraries. I grew up going to libraries and still remember the awesome treehouse reading nook for kids at my childhood library. When we went to Manchester for the London 2012 Olympics Women’s Soccer match, we stopped in at a welcome center and read about the John Rylands Library. Since we weren’t going to be spending much time in the city, we had to pick one attraction to see and I’m so glad it was this.

John Rylands Library

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Photos: London 2012

I have a ton of photos from my trip to London this time around. I’ve already shared the photos from the Olympics, but here are some of the photos from the city. I’ll be posting another one soon, so be on the lookout!

Kings Cross Station

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Photos: 2012 London Olympics

Opening Ceremonies

London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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2012 London Olympics

Going to my very first Olympics was very surreal and took probably a solid week before it sunk in that I was actually in London, seeing live Olympic events. It’s strange though, I’ve been asked by a lot of people since I’ve been back if I actually got to see any events. I guess some people go to the host city just to experience the atmosphere and watch the games on jumbo screens set up in various parks, but I doing that would have never occurred to me. If I’m going to the Olympics, I’m going to the Olympics, dammit.

So, to answer that question: yes. I did see live Olympic events. And here is what I saw..

The Opening Ceremonies

Holy crap. Now, I’ve heard a lot of naysayers go on about how terrible the NBC coverage was stateside, or that they just didn’t understand what was going on, and perhaps that’s the case, but I’ve got to tell you: seeing the Opening Ceremonies in person was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life. Overall, I thought they were spectacular and a grand show on a scale I’d never experienced before. I was in the same stadium with royalty, celebrities, world-class athletes, JK Rowling (!!!), and Sir Paul McCartney. Oh, and not to mention people from almost every nation around the world!

London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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