Favorite Travel Photos (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Part 1! Today we’re visiting Morocco, Austria, Czech Republic, Honduras, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

fes morocco

Fes, Morocco

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A Look Back at 2014

don't tell me how educated you are. tell me how far you have travelled.

I began 2014 completely exhausted after coming off several months of much-too-fast travel and without any sort of direction. Do I keep traveling even though the thought of being on the go makes my stomach hurt? Or do I lie low and go back to work even though the thought of sitting in a cubicle makes my heart hurt?

I made a compromise: travel a bit, work a short contract, and travel some more.

While I didn’t set out on an endless nomadic journey again, I still managed to travel quite a bit while still holding down a job and building up some more travel funds.

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Photo Friday: Roatan

gumbalimba park suspension bridge roatan honduras

I hate heights. It’s always been one of my biggest fears. I get this trembling in my legs, my stomach jumps to my throat, and I get so lightheaded that my eyes sort of gloss over and little stars twinkle and flutter around. And what makes this fear even worse? When the thing that’s high in the air isn’t totally secure or shake-free. Couple all of those things together and you’d quickly see that suspension bridges are basically the bane of my existence. When I was a kid, I loved them. I walked across the Mile High Swinging Bridge without so much as a second thought–wind blowing in my hair as I practically skipped and giggled my way across. Cut to years later. I was doing a tour at Gumbalimba Park in Roatan, Honduras, where my main goal was to cuddle with some monkeys, and part of the tour requires you to cross a suspension bridge. It’s not especially high or anything, but high enough, and it sways and shakes with every single movement. I never know quite how to handle these situations: walk as fast as possible just to get it over with or take it slowly as to not cause unnecessary movement. I stayed a few feet behind my sister and guide so that the bridge didn’t have quite so much bounce and I kept my eyes on my shoes and my hands on the ropes after snapping a few photos at the beginning. For years I’ve been dreaming of doing a canopy walk in Costa Rica, but after this short suspension bridge, I know I have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to overcoming my fear of heights.

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3 Things to do in Roatan

things to do in roatan honduras

A lot of people go to Roatan to spend some time lying on the beach, soaking up the sun, and cooling off in the perfect water. But, if you’re not the typical beach person, there are a few other things you can do to pass the time. On those days that you’re not wanting to pack your beach bag full of books and sunscreen and head for the sand, try something different! Here are three other things to do in Roatan!

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Top Destinations for First-Time Solo Female Travelers

top destinations for first-time solo female travelers

I’m not the world’s foremost expert on solo female travel, but I have traveled around (at least) ten countries alone so I have a bit of insight on the subject. There are people on both sides of the fence regarding solo female travel–some are strongly for it and some are strongly against it. I fall on the side that stands strongly for it. While I don’t like always traveling alone, I think there’s something really special about going it solo–relying on yourself for every decision, forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, etc. I think you can learn a lot about yourself and the world while traveling solo.

Before my very first solo trip, I was so nervous that my teeth were chattering and I swore my heart my burst. Things were a bit crazy, but I fell into a routine that was comfortable for me. Then, years later, when I decided to travel alone for an extended period of time, I was dreaming up every imaginable horrible thing that could possibly happen to me. I decided that the best way to go about it was to ease myself into the long-term solo travel by starting with an “easy” country. So, with that, here are my top solo female travel destinations.

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How Roatan Changed Me

west bay roatan honduras

Aside from the once-yearly trips we’d take to the beach when I was a child, I’ve never been much of a beach kinda gal. I mean, I love the sound of waves rolling in over the beach, watching storms gather over the water, and indulging in copious seafood, but there are also plenty of things I’ve always disliked about beach.

I hate sand, with a passion. I don’t like the way it gets in everything and stays there for weeks even after you’ve left, I don’t like how it burns your feet, and I don’t like how it’s lumpy and uneven when you’re just trying to get comfortable. The sun–also not really my friend. I’m pasty white and I kind of dig my transparency. Even with loads of sunscreen, plenty of coverups, and a giant hat, I can get burnt in almost any situation. And it’s not like that burn then turns into a tan. Oh no, it goes from being bright red, to orange, to pale again in about a week and a half’s time. Also, that relaxing thing that everybody seems to dig? Again, it’s not really a thing that happens for me. I might be able to spend a day or two max just lying around reading and feeling good, but then I start to get antsy and dream up the million productive things I could be doing.

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Photo Friday: Roatan, Honduras

roatan honduras

I haven’t written about my trip to Roatan yet, but I had an amazing time. I didn’t know that places like that actually existed. One of the days that I was there, I arranged a tour to go snorkeling in a few different areas. It ended up being one of the best tours I’ve ever been on–it was small (just six of us, including my sister, and two tour guides) and so relaxed. Our boat driver, Patrick, told us that he didn’t have anything else to do for the day, so he was able to keep us out even longer. On the way back from our long day of snorkeling, we stopped off at an abandoned, tiny island where we swam for a bit in this shallow, crystal clear water and surveyed the conch shells and bits of coral that had washed ashore. It was one of the most perfect days I’ve ever experienced while traveling.

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What to Wear in Roatan, Honduras

I’m currently in Roatan, Honduras, soaking up the sun and trying my hand at snorkeling, paddle boarding, and scuba diving! But before you get to read about all of those adventures, I thought I’d share a little packing list with you!

what to wear in roatan honduras

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