Dream Destination: Patagonia

I just want to apologize ahead of time: I’m completely overwhelmed right now between working 40 hours a week, taking two classes for my master’s, working on a certification for work, and still trying to maintain a social life (in addition to running this blog!). I haven’t had much time to write lately between all of these things and my dad being in town this past weekend. And next week I’m off to Boston. Oh, I didn’t mention that before, did I? Well, I’m going to Boston for a few days and I’m beyond excited, but also stressed out about getting everything done before I step on that plane (because I don’t want to think about work/school/anything while I’m there). 

I’ll try to get back to the regular-type posts next week, but for now, how about a little travel inspiration?

Patagonia horses

Patagonia has been on my radar for a few years. There’s something about the landscape that appeals to me so much. It’s like Montana meets Iceland and I’m dying to see it with my own eyes.

Patagonia Glaciers

Patagonia is a region of Argentina and is home to most southerly city in the world, from which you can take trips to Antarctica (another of my dream destinations!). It doesn’t seem like there’s much to do in the region outside of adventure/outdoorsy things, so if that’s not your speed, this probably isn’t the place for you. I think everyone can appreciate its beauty though. How can you not?

Patagonia Mountains

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