Explore Pakistan with Me

I’ve been a bit quiet about my trip to Pakistan because I’ve been busy working on this! I wanted to give you all a visual of the trip. This 7-minute video covers almost every single stop I took during my few weeks in Pakistan–all the adventure, fun, peace, and culture.

I hope you’ll stick through until the end, which is my personal favorite part. Enjoy! And let me know if you’re ready to book a flight there after.

I took this trip with my friend’s (Ghayyur) company, Travelore Adventures, and all videos are either mine or Ghayyur’s. If you’re interested in visiting Pakistan, I recommend reaching out to him as he helped me design exactly the trip I wanted to take in Pakistan.

3 thoughts on “Explore Pakistan with Me

  1. Wow! That’s amazing! Pakistan is really high on my list of places to visit right now, and this definitely made me want to go even more. I’ve seen so many beautiful photos from the Hunza valley, but I realise now there are definitely more places in the country I have to see. Great video!

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