Foodie Friday: Primanti Brothers

You know how before you visit a place that your friends have been like a hundred times they’re telling you, “OMG! You have to visit ___” or “You can’t NOT eat at ___”? And then you get all excited to see or try a new place and when you get there, sometimes it’s a bit of a letdown?

Well, welcome to Primanti Brothers for me. I know all the Yinzers out there are probably going to hate me and want to string me up by my feet the next time I step foot in Pittsburgh,  but I don’t get the hype.

primanti brothers ragin cajun

When I went to Pittsburgh back in September, I figured I had to do alllll the things that people do when they visit Pittsburgh, and Primanti Brothers was something everyone kept mentioning to me. So, why not? I was already in the Strip District, so I decided to stop by the original location with my sister, who’d been before.


I tried the Ragin’ Cajun Chicken sandwich, which had the smallest and driest piece of chicken on it, piled high with soggy french fries and coleslaw. Again, I just don’t really get the appeal. I tried my sister’s, which was an egg sandwich, and while it tasted better than mine, I still didn’t care for it all that much.

Sorry, Primanti Brothers, but I don’t think I’ll be visiting again.

8 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Primanti Brothers

  1. That’s such a bummer that it was a letdown. In my hometown of Vancouver, BC there is a sandwich shop famous for it’s roasted pork sandwiches that I always used to take everyone to. Quality has gone downhill though, and I stopped taking people there :( I’m sad your sandwich wasn’t good – I would totally be onboard with french fries IN a sandwich!!
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    • I’ve noticed that a lot of places are doing french fries in sandwiches now. And I can get onboard with the idea, it just wasn’t a success for me here. I think perhaps it was the coleslaw making them kind of lukewarm and soggy. Otherwise, it might’ve been a more enjoyable sandwich-eating experience!

    • Yeah, I mean, I really liked the Strip District a lot, and the restaurant had a decent amount of charm, it was just, eh–like you said, nothing to write home about.

    • Unfortunately, it wasn’t as Cajun-y as I’d hoped for! My ex’s family is from the land of the Cajuns as well, so I’ve spent my fair share of time consuming the spicy foods of the region and this didn’t come close to being as delicious!

  2. Despite your review, I would be all in on this one. I have never eaten there, but have heard about this sandwich. I have been attempting to live a healthy lifestyle recently here in Bali, so these pictures alone are making me salivate.

    • Hahah, sorry to tempt you! I think it’s definitely worth a try, I just don’t think I have any interest in visiting again. Didn’t really do it for me. :)

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