I finally get you, Amsterdam

amsterdam at night

So, I have a confession to make: I’m kind of an old lady. And up until probably two years ago, whenever I’d travel I’d totally wear myself out by the time dinner rolled around, which meant that I was missing out on most cities after dark. I’m not much of a partier or club-goer, so the “nightlife” part of a city is rather lost on me (though, if we’re talking cocktails in a lovely bar, I’m totally in). It wasn’t until I started seeing others’ photos of cities at night that I realized I was missing out on something special, because really, seeing a city at night can totally change how you feel about it and can make you appreciate other little parts of it.

Amsterdam at Night

All of this is to say that it took seeing Amsterdam at night for me to finally realize its full potential. I was even jetlagged, kinda grumpy, and out of sorts and yet I still found myself stopping at every side street and on the bridge of every canal just to take it all in. Also, seeing it at night helped me appreciate it during the day.

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Amsterdam at Night Amsterdam at Night Amsterdam at Night

While Amsterdam still isn’t the city that I find the most quintessentially Dutch, those canals, canal houses, and the fact that it’s teeming with bicycles certainly add up to make for a uniquely Dutch experience.

Amsterdam’s had a freakish amount of snow this year and I kept seeing it come up on other travel and expat blogs, and while there wasn’t much to coat the ground, I got to see some of it on my last day in town.

Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam

Needless to say, Amsterdam redeemed itself.

7 thoughts on “I finally get you, Amsterdam

  1. I know what you mean about being “an old lady” lol.
    I am often criticized for the same thing because I don’t like to go out to clubs. I’d much rather a charming piano bar with a good glass of champagne or sparkling wine or even a stiff martini to relax the day away. Much better than pummelling bass ringing in your ear into the next morning.

    A city at night is an important part of the experience, unique in every city and helps shape the characteristics of the way you perceive the city. Amsterdam is lovely at night with those gingerbread-like homes.
    My favourite cities for nighttime wandering (so far) is Padova, Venice, Florence or Vicenza.

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    • I can’t wait to wander around Venice at night. I’ve seen so many beautiful photos of the canals. I imagine it’ll be much like Amsterdam in that regard!

  2. I’m an old lady too! I’m always so tired by the end of the day… just about the time my boyfriend is perking up and ready to go out. If I’m lucky I can distract him long enough that he’ll forget or get sleepy too. But on the occasions that he does get me out at night, we have a pretty good time.

    Love the photo of the rabbit riding a bike. Do you know what that was about?
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    • I’m the same way–if I can convince myself to go out I usually end up having a great time. I just lack that motivation to get up and get dressed up again enough to go out!

      RE: the rabbit–some people were filming him riding the bike over the bridge, so I figured it was for some sort of movie/video. They had English accents, but that’s as much as I could gather from the situation. I hope to someday run across a video of it so I can be like, “I was there and intrigued by this situation!”

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