Favorite Travel Photos (Part 3)

Today features the last installment of my favorite travel photos! Today we’re visiting Morocco, Iceland, Italy, France, England, South Africa, and Germany.

moroccan cat

Kitten on a bunch of wool in Morocco

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Favorite Travel Photos (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Part 1! Today we’re visiting Morocco, Austria, Czech Republic, Honduras, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

fes morocco

Fes, Morocco

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Favorite Travel Photos (Part 1)

In 2006, I took my very first trip abroad. At the time, I was in college and my interest in photography was growing my the minute. A lot has changed since that first international trip, but one of the biggest things has been my photography skills. I have worked hard to try to hone and perfect them, and while I’ll never be Ansel Adams, it’s amazing to see the growth I’ve made.

So, looking back over my photos from my travels over the last nine years, has made certain photos jump out at me and I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite photos from my travels! There are quite a few, so I’ll post them in a few parts, but for now: part 1! We’re visiting Iceland, Italy, Morocco, Romania, and the United States!

siena italy

Siena, Italy

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Fulfilling a Dream

chai in india

Has there ever been a country that has just called to you? Imploring you to visit? To explore its cities and roam its streets? To taste its foods and experience its culture? To buy its wares and immerse yourself in everything it has to offer?

I have known many: Italy, Iceland, and Morocco, to be more specific. And after visiting each one of those, my heart grew a little larger to make room to fit all of them inside. Each one of them was special and amazing in its own way and, despite some difficulties in a couple of them, they each earned this rightful place at the top of my favorite-places-in-the-world list.

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Photo Friday: Piazza San Marco, Venice

piazza san marco st mark's square venice venezia italy

This was one of my favorite scenes from when I was in Venice. I love people watching, and this grandpa and his grandson provided me with several minutes of entertainment. The grandpa had a hand full of food and was feeding the pigeons, holding them on his arm, for his grandson to touch. While feeding pigeons in Piazza San Marco is actually a finable offense, and pigeons are really disgustingly dirty, I loved watching that little boy so apprehensive to reach his hand out at first and then going for it full force. It just reminded me of how amazing it was to be a child and to not fully apprehend how things worked and to have your parents and grandparents teach you the ways of the world. So cute.

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Photo Friday: Cinque Terre

manarola cinque terre italy night

When I was in Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy, with Brendon of Nerd Travels, we were both really eager to try to get some sunset shots of the village. We tried to scope out the best spot and made our way up there to set up our tripods to wait for the sun to drop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the spectacular sunset we were hoping for, but the light just around dusk was really beautiful and made for some decent shots as all of the lights in the village came on, illuminating the different-colored facades of the stacked houses. It was almost exactly as I’d seen on postcards from the region, and I was so excited to be standing there taking it all in.

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Tenuta Masselina Winery

tenuta masselina wine

If you’ve seen or read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, then you’re probably very familiar with the phrase, “dolce far niente”, or the sweetness of doing nothing. Despite the fact that Italians do, in fact, lead normal and busy lives, I think their culture differs from ours in the United States in that in their free time, they really do just enjoy being with loved ones and living in the moment. While, we’re constantly running around, dreaming up new projects, going on errands, cleaning, etc., Italians are taking the time to sit, eat, drink, talk, and observe. In fact, that is precisely the reason that I love Italian culture so much: because their idea of a good time is one that is spent simply living and loving.

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Picturesque Cinque Terre

cinque terre sunset

Many years ago, I spent a beautiful summer in Italy, soaking up as much as I possibly could. Sadly though, every weekday morning was spent in a classroom, which left little time for exploration of the whole of Italy. As days rolled into weeks, and weeks into months, my time in Italy, specifically in Rome, had come to an end and I hadn’t seen much outside of that city. While I felt like I’d explored quite a bit of Rome, I also felt like I had missed out on so much. One of those places that I really wanted to visit was Cinque Terre (pronounced “cheen-qway tear-ray”) or The Five Lands.

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My Love Affair with Rome

fontana di trevi trevi fountain rome italy

A few months ago I made what felt like a pilgrimage of sorts–I went back to Rome, the city that started it all for me. I hadn’t stepped foot in the Eternal City since that summer of 2006 for fear of having a bad time and letting it somehow cast a shadow over the beautiful months I’d spent there before.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. As soon as my train pulled into Termini, I felt this unshakable excitement to see the ancient city that inspired so much in me–my love for the Italian language, my devotion to travel, and the desire/ability to grow as a person.

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Foodie Friday: Trattoria Montepaolo

trattoria montepaolo dovadola

Tucked away almost in the middle of nowhere exists a restaurant so charming and so lovely that you’re happy it’s almost a secret. Walking into Trattoria Montepaolo in Dovadola, Italy, you’re transported to another time–a simpler and rustic era. The views of the rolling green hills invite you in, the Victorian-era-meets-farmhouse decor welcomes you, and the fresh, Italian scents implore you to stay.

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