Photo Friday: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

storms on jumeirah beach dubai uae

I visited Dubai with a friend who’d been a couple of times before, so while there, I allowed him to take a sort of tour guide role, showing me the best of what Dubai had to offer. I knew I wanted to get photos of the city’s skyline and he wanted to show me the Jumeirah Beach Residence area, which ended up being the perfect place to take photos of the skyline. While we were there, taking a stroll in the sand late one evening, a storm started to roll in over the Gulf. The thunder rumbled and lightning began striking the water, and soon the rain came pouring down sending us directly into a Starbucks to wait it out for a bit over a cup of chai. I loved this photo of my friend looking up to watch the lightning across the sky while the storm brewed over the water.

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