On Travel and Matters of the Heart

Let’s get a little personal today.

Let's be adventurers

I spent the past week in Toronto to attend the Navigate Media BlogHouse and my first-ever TBEX conference. I’ll definitely be writing about these more in depth, but for now, I’ll just say that I learned a ton and it’s going to take me a while to process everything.

What I really want to talk about is what being there to attend these things meant to me–personally. For a long time I’ve struggled with my desire to travel. I’ve tried to reconcile a life in which I work full-time, have relationships, have a home base (AKA, be “normal”) and a life in which I want nothing more than to go go go and see everything in the whole world. I have often felt misunderstood and have hated trying to explain my desire to travel. It’s strange to me that some people just don’t get it, when travel feels so innate to me.

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Foodie Friday: Chicago Dogs

chicago dog

A couple of years ago my then-boyfriend and I took a trip to Chicago for Memorial Day. While we didn’t go with the intention of turning it into a Chicago food tour, that’s essentially what it ended up being. (Well, that and museum tour.)  We knew there were a ton of things we wanted to try while there, and I think the Chicago dog was the thing he was most looking forward to.

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Lion Park, South Africa

My last stop in South Africa before heading back stateside was to the Lion Park, located between Johannesburg and Pretoria. By this point, I’d already been on safari and got to see the Big Five in their natural habitat, but I was still excited to see more of the same types of animals. Honestly though, I think I was most excited about the prospect of petting baby lion cubs (pictured below)!

Lion Park South Africa Ostrich

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…And I’m Off to Toronto!

toronto skyline

I’m very excited (and nervous) to announce that at this exact moment, I’m on a plane to Toronto for lots of travel blogging fun! A few months ago I applied for and was accepted to Navigate Media Group’s BlogHouse, which basically means that I get to meet a ton of awesome established travel bloggers and a bunch of up-and-coming travel bloggers. We’ll spend several days in a castle(!!!) learning all the ins and outs of blogging, SEO, taking better photos, writing better content, and maybe even a little bit of video creation. As I said, I am beyond excited to meet some amazing bloggers that I’ve been following for a couple of years and to learn as much as possible from them.

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Foodie Friday: Typical Bosnian Dish

bosnian food

A couple of years ago I took a day trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina from Dubrovnik to check out the local culture, people, and food. After taking in the Mostar Bridge, a local mosque, and the Turkish House, I headed to the Old Bazaar to do a bit of shopping and some eating. I was pointed in the direction of a restaurant that served typical foods for the region, and decided to give that a shot.

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Memories of a Roman Summer

I’ve been hesitant about sharing this piece of writing because it’s so personal. It’s also been sitting in my drafts folder since April 30, 2012, which shows you exactly how hesitant I’ve been. In my personal journals, I often write little memories or vignettes about a time or place–something really special or meaningful. Anyway, after consulting a friend, I’ve decided to post it and wanted to ask for some feedback–do you want to read more stuff like this? Or do you hate it and want me to stick to more destination/adventure-specific posts (with minimal personal anecdote)?

St Peter's Square Vatican Italy Rome Roma Italia

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St. Lucia, South Africa

st lucia south africa

As I mentioned in a prior post, I tried to go whale watching in South Africa a few years ago when I was there for the World Cup.

We were staying in Durban and woke up long before the sun came out to make the two-and-a-half hour journey north to St. Lucia. It rained almost the entire way there, so we were already expecting at least a delay, if not a cancellation.

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Foodie Friday: Royal Ascot Dessert Tray

royal ascot dessert tray

A couple of years ago, I joined my boyfriend at the time on his family vacation to England and South Africa. His parents are big horse race enthusiasts and so it seemed only fitting that we attend the Royal Ascot while in England. We were seated in the Sandringham Restaurant (right by the Royal Enclosure where the Queen was) and were treated to such delights as cocktails, tea sandwiches, fabulous entrees, cheese trays, and more. It’s that “and more” part that was so amazing–this dessert tray.

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Quaint Little Portland, Maine

portland maine

In April I took a short visit to Portland, Maine. I’d never been to Maine, but had heard all kinds of wonderful things about it. I have family there and was looking forward to visiting them (for the first time in almost six years) and to seeing what the quaint little town was like.

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Foodie Friday: Seafood Soup

seafood soup iceland

I’m kind of obsessed with seafood, and if you’ve been reading for a while, you probably already know that. I’m also totally obsessed with Iceland, and it’s a country with no shortage of seafood. Today’s Foodie Friday is seafood soup, which I ate at a charming little restaurant in Ólafsvík, Iceland.

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