My Heart is with Boston

i love boston

A few months ago I wrote a post about my love for Boston. I can’t accurately put into words how saddened I feel about Monday’s unfathomable attack on not only a city I love, but its wonderful residents and visitors from around the world.

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Not Much Love for Milano

Milano Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Let me preface this by saying that I didn’t spend a lot of time in Milan, so I don’t have a lot of room to critique, but, it was probably my least favorite stop on my trip.

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Foodie Friday: Skyr

Icelandic Skyr

This week I went to see my favorite band, Sigur Rós. If you don’t know them, they’re Icelandic and definitely worth listening to (see my Iceland playlist for more artists, too!).

Anyway, while I was on my Icelandic road trip, I listened to Sigur Rós a lot and so seeing them sort of took me back to that beautiful country. Which brings me to today’s Foodie Friday: Skyr.

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Dream Destination: Patagonia

I just want to apologize ahead of time: I’m completely overwhelmed right now between working 40 hours a week, taking two classes for my master’s, working on a certification for work, and still trying to maintain a social life (in addition to running this blog!). I haven’t had much time to write lately between all of these things and my dad being in town this past weekend. And next week I’m off to Boston. Oh, I didn’t mention that before, did I? Well, I’m going to Boston for a few days and I’m beyond excited, but also stressed out about getting everything done before I step on that plane (because I don’t want to think about work/school/anything while I’m there). 

I’ll try to get back to the regular-type posts next week, but for now, how about a little travel inspiration?

Patagonia horses

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Old-time German Town: Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas

Today I’m going to switch gears a little bit and focus on something other than the road trip around Europe.

My dad and stepmom came to visit me in Austin this weekend and we decided to venture out a bit. My dad lived here in the early 1980s and was eager to see things he hadn’t seen in almost 30 years, and to see things he hadn’t had the chance to see at all when he lived here.

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Foodie Friday: Italian Goodies

Italian food goodies

Today’s Foodie Friday features some of my favorite Italian goodies ever! When I studied abroad in Rome, I fell in love with so many foods we just didn’t have in the US (or maybe we could get them–but they just weren’t as good!).

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In Fair Verona

So, after I waxed poetic (or got all amore, as my friends would say) about Italy in my last post, it’s time to get down to the details, starting with Verona.

Verona, Italy square

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My Long-Overdue Return to Italia

Picture it: Italy, summer of 2006. I was a fresh-faced college student who decided that I wanted to study abroad for a summer. Why just a summer? It’s a decent commitment–if I hated it, it’s not too long; if I loved it–it’s not too short. It was my first time abroad and I did it all alone. I was off. To Rome.

Rome Trevi Fountain Roma Italy Fontana di Trevi

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Foodie Friday: Austrian Apfelstrudel


This week’s Foodie Friday features apfelstrudel. You absolutely cannot go to Austria without eating apfelstrudel–a delicious concoction of flaky dough, apples, cinnamon and sugar, and served with a side of vanilla ice cream (or custard or sauce).

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Innsbruck’s Old Town


Innsbruck is too cute for words. It’s one of those towns that I just want to hug. Next to Prague, Innsbruck was the place I was most looking forward to seeing, mostly to see the Altstadt (Old Town).

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