European Road Trip Roundup

European Road Trip

I am home from my first-official European Road Trip, and I have to say, it was one of my favorite trips ever. Here are a few iPhone photo highlights from the journey.

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Foodie Friday: Bunny Chow

I’m going to try a new weekly series–Foodie Friday. Every Friday I’ll post a photo and a short description about some food item I’ve eaten somewhere around the world.

For the first Foodie Friday, I present you with Bunny Chow.

Chicken Bunny Chow

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What to Wear in a Prague Winter Wonderland

I just returned from Prague and let me tell you–it was beyond cold. We’re talking not getting above about 26 F/-3 C during the day and about 11 F/-11 C at night. Add a bit of snow and wind to that, and it makes for a pretty miserable experience if you don’t pack and dress properly.

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Utrecht in Photos

I found Utrecht incredibly easy to fall in love with. To me, it feels so much more welcoming and homey than Amsterdam. While it is a major city in the Netherlands, it has the feel of a small, quaint village. The one thing I recommend the most when visiting is climbing the treacherously uneven stairs to the top of Dom Tower to see the colorful homes lining the canals. Yes, it’s a lot of stairs (465 to be exact), but it’s so worth it when you get to take in those views.

Here are just a few photos from Utrecht–Dom Tower, view from the Dom Tower, inside a bar and a pancake house, and more!


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A Quick Visit to Montenegro


Situated in the Balkans along the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is one gorgeous country. While there, I visited three regions: Bay of Kotor, Budva Riviera, and Central.

The Bay of Kotor is a UNESCO Heritage Site and is considered one of the most beautiful bays in all of Europe, and I certainly can’t disagree. I have to say that I was totally taken by the country, and especially the Bay of Kotor. I’d go out on a limb and say that the Adriatic rivals the Mediterranean in terms of beauty. The greens were lush, the water was a cool cobalt blue, and the terracotta rooftops were the icing on the cake.

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One Night in Dublin

It almost doesn’t seem fair to claim that I’ve been to Ireland as I only spent one evening in Dublin. But it was quite the evening! I had a pretty long layover in Dublin before heading back to the United States after a long trip to Dubrovnik and decided that rather than hanging out in the airport, I wanted to explore as much as I could in a short period of time.


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I Love Amsterdam

amsterdam canals

Tomorrow I’m headed back to Amsterdam (and then off to Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic), so this seems like the perfect opportunity to share an Amsterdam-related guest post from Kaitlin at A Georgia Peach Abroad. (Yesterday I was featured in a guest post on her blog.)

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SXSW Survival Guide

SXSW Survival Guide

The season of South by Southwest (SXSW) is almost upon us. SXSW is one of the best and worst times to be an Austinite. It’s a time when Austin is flooded with thousands of out-of-town hipsters, overrun by fixies, and Sixth Street becomes even more obnoxious. But with all of the bad, comes a lot of good: movie premieres, big-name as well as up-and-coming bands, a ton of celebrities who host some awesome parties, and the launch of new technologies (think Twitter).

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Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana

With the advent of shows like Swamp People, I think Cajun Louisiana gets a bum rap. To be fair, I’ve only seen one episode of the show, in which Cajuns were portrayed as backwoods hillbillies with funny accents and an affinity for disgusting swamp creature delicacies.

Atchafalaya Basin

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My First European Road Trip!

I have a lot of trips/plans in the works, but only one big trip confirmed so far. So I figured I’d let you in on that one for now.

In less than two weeks, I’m departing on a European road trip, starting and ending with Amsterdam. The itinerary is…

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