Favorite Travel Photos (Part 1)

In 2006, I took my very first trip abroad. At the time, I was in college and my interest in photography was growing my the minute. A lot has changed since that first international trip, but one of the biggest things has been my photography skills. I have worked hard to try to hone and perfect them, and while I’ll never be Ansel Adams, it’s amazing to see the growth I’ve made.

So, looking back over my photos from my travels over the last nine years, has made certain photos jump out at me and I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite photos from my travels! There are quite a few, so I’ll post them in a few parts, but for now: part 1! We’re visiting Iceland, Italy, Morocco, Romania, and the United States!

siena italy

Siena, Italy

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A Look Back at 2014

don't tell me how educated you are. tell me how far you have travelled.

I began 2014 completely exhausted after coming off several months of much-too-fast travel and without any sort of direction. Do I keep traveling even though the thought of being on the go makes my stomach hurt? Or do I lie low and go back to work even though the thought of sitting in a cubicle makes my heart hurt?

I made a compromise: travel a bit, work a short contract, and travel some more.

While I didn’t set out on an endless nomadic journey again, I still managed to travel quite a bit while still holding down a job and building up some more travel funds.

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Welcome to Neamt County, Romania – #priNeamt

lake bicaz romania piatra neamt neamt county

I don’t think Romania is on most people’s radar as far as a travel destination is concerned, and to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t on mine until probably a year or so ago when I started seeing other bloggers’ photos of the beautiful country popping up. Amanda, Pete and Dalene, and Erick had all spent quite a bit of time in various parts of the country and every time I saw a post or a photo, Romania jumped a bit higher on my places to see. So, when the opportunity to be a part of a group of 60 bloggers (50 Romanian/Moldavian and 10 foreign) exploring Neamt County came up, I jumped at the chance.

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