13 Photos of Beautiful Moroccan Doors

I didn’t realize it until I left Morocco and backed up all my photos on my computer, but I guess I really loved shooting photos of Moroccan doors! I don’t know how many I ended up with in total, but here’s a selection of 13 of my favorites. Most of the blue ones you’ll see are from Chefchaouen, but the rest were from Tangier, Marrakech, and Fes. I absolutely love Islamic architecture and the ornate tile work on some of these doors. (Also, I’m always sort of curious what kind of magic lies behind them!)

moroccan door


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9 thoughts on “13 Photos of Beautiful Moroccan Doors

  1. I do the same thing. I have an affinity for doors and walls. I don’t understand it but I have taken hundreds in my travels so far. Although, I have to say, that the doors in Morocco are particularly spectacular and fun. Why are most of them blue though? Your favorite color or they are just blue?

    • No, actually red’s my favorite color! But most of the doors just seemed to be blue or green. Green is the color of Islam. Not entirely sure what the blue means (though, some were taken in Chefchaouen, which is an entirely blue city).

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