What to Wear in a Toronto Heatwave

I expected Toronto to have milder weather than Austin. Sadly, when I was there it was the same temperature, with about 50% more humidity. Do you know what that’s like? It’s like the difference between being baked and broiled.

what to wear in toronto

To beat the heat, dress in lightweight fabrics that breathe easily. I think summertime dresses are a perfect idea so you can catch a bit of the breeze and cool down a little. Also, because it gets a bit chilly at night or when popping into restaurants or attractions, pack a compact cardigan or oversized scarf to wrap up in when you need to. Comfortable walking shoes are essential, and a crossbody bag is perfect to free up your hands to snap photos or carry a cool beverage.

What kinds of things do you prefer to wear when it’s unbearably hot outside?

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    • I know what you mean, Lindsay! I was melting! And it gets hot in Texas–so I don’t know why it felt so horrible up there. I guess just because I was expecting a cooler climate.

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